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  1. Buvette Gastroteque in NYC (via Simple Song) Buvette Gastroteque in NYC (via Simple Song)
    High Resolution
  2. yurmanandbourbon:

    My love for Bradley Cooper just grew immensely. 

    It just got infinitely hotter in here. 

    (Source: mylifeismadeofcrushes, via themostsophisticatedwoman)

  3. matchbookmag:

    Our team is just dying to see Catherine Deneuve’s newest film, “Potiche.” Doesn’t it look fantastic?! Ms. Deneuve is most certainly a Matchbook girl, if we do say so ourselves :) 

  4. konpyuta:

    Hilarious animation about Chinese stereotypes.

    Seems simply racist, but actually thoughtful and introspective. At least from my perspective. Note of intention from French director Cédric Villain (what an unfortunate last name):

    "I like chinese. I like their tiny little trees, their zen, their ping-pong, their yin and yang-ese" (Eric Idle, 1970)

    The satire of the “Monty Python” is still valid as it seems to deny any subtlety and variety or simply look at a civilization so rich and extensive. During the Olympic Games in Beijing in August 2008, the media still were stuck on stereotypes China and the chinese. 

    This short film seeks to identify in a humorous way general stereotypes and archetypes associated with chinese or asian.

    The part I found most clever (despite its tragic connotations) was the part “My Chinese does not like Chinese students.”